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Scorpion Extermination

We use top-of-the line family and pet safe sprays and powders to kill scorpions living within your property


Scorpion Blacklight

We immediately reduce the number of scorpions living and breeding on your property through hunting.


Scorpion Exclusion

We remove the points of entry for scorpions and identify nesting areas where scorpions live in yards


Scorpion Bombing

We spray attics, storage spaces and garages to kill any scorpions in those hard to reach places


Scorpion Sealing

From can lights to weep holes and  piping – we identify points of entry and give instructions on sealing.


Scorpion Food Source

We eliminate other pest food sources for scorpions making your home less attractive to these pests.

You can beat scorpions
With the Right tools

Scorpions are hard to kill. That much is true. Scorpions have an exoskeleton that is covered with a waxy membrane that keeps chemicals that might kill other insects out of a scorpion’s system. Through a process of hunting, exclusion and extermination our company can make your house feel like a home again! 

Service Area

Las Vegas,  Henderson  and Boulder City NV


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