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Scorpion Extermination and Exclusion and all pest removal services for Las Vegas and Henderson.  We get rid of scorpions in 89102, 89103, 89113, 89117, 89118, 89135, 89138, 89141, 89146, 89147, 89148, 89178, and 89179.


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Frequent Questions


Can you completely eliminate scorpions?

Not initially. Scorpions are not very susceptible to sprays or powders, so we use both. We also recommend our exclusion services to seal entry points and removal of prey.  Scorpions will move on if the resources they need are not available.  Those that stay will eat the dead and dying pray infected with the chemicals and likewise die off. We keep them out of your home with our exclusion services and scorpion blacklight hunting reduces numbers around your home and property. 


Why are they coming in?

Scorpions don’t particularly like the desert heat and are coming into the interior of your home for coolness and water. Keep sinks and tubs dry and seal cracks and other entry points.  Spring is when scorpions become most active. 


Why do you use a black light?

Scorpions glow under a black light making them easy to see at night when they are most active. We spot the scorpion and kill it.  You can get your own black light and our favorite home scorpion smacking tool here. 


How are scorpions getting in?

Doors left open or with poor seals can let in scorpions, especially small bark scorpions. They may also already be in the walls or attic of your home and coming into the house via light fixtures or other openings.


Is a bark scorpion sting deadly?

Stings, especially to infants can be very dangerous. The good news is that no one has died of a scorpion sting in NV yet and chances are good that, with the right medical care, you or your child will be just fine.  Antiscorp, an FDA approved Antivenom, is available at Sunrise and Sunrise Children’s Hospital for severe reactions to stings.


What are all the bumps on the scorpion's back?

Those are tiny baby scorpions. Do NOT try and stomp, smack or smush this one! You will only scatter her babies who will grow into breeding scorpions.  Remove the scorpion to a glass jar or burn the scorpion ( outdoors of course where it is safe) To kill them all.