Pests in Las Vegas

No matter where you live in Las Vegas or Henderson, You may have problems with common household pests. Roaches, Ants, Black Widow Spiders, Pseudoscorpions, Earwigs and Silverfish – they are everywhere.  We treat your home and yard to eliminate all pests and, most especially, the food source of scorpions. 

Household Ants

“Ants leave a scent trail to food other ants will follow”

Common Household Pests

Silverfish, Earwigs and Bed Bugs – Oh my!  No one likes the wee creepy crawlies in their home.  Each species have their own, unique requirements for setting up shop in your home and they are a bit stubborn about leaving. Our pesticides, traps and diversion strategies help keep your home free and clear of these annoying pests and are family and pet safe too. 




No one likes to open a bag of cereal and discover it has been take over by Ants or Roaches – gross. Both insects are similar in that they live in groups and prefer the easy-to-access food stores of humans. This is why we so often find them in our homes. The warm weather of Southern Nevada means that they are active year round.  We eliminate these pests by enticing the foragers to bring back our more pet and family safe bait food into the nest and eliminating the other insects quickly. 



Call us to get rid of all your household pests. From Roaches to Sunspiders, Wasps, Bees, Black Widow and even pideons and rodents, we can rid your property of all these nuisances and let you enjoy your home again – pest free!