Scorpions in Las Vegas

No matter where you live in Las Vegas or Henderson, Scorpions are potentially in your yard or, worse yet, in your home.  There are 2 main types of scorpions in Las Vegas but only one that you really need to worry about – the bark scorpion. Bark Scorpions are not native to this area and were imported on palm trees ( their preferred habitat) from Arizona. Bark scorpions have many unique features that make them such frightening and hard-to-defete pests. 

Bark Scorpions

“Can crawl upside down on Ceilings unlike the native Desert Hairy Scorpion”

We don’t expect you to get up close and personal with your invading scorpions. However, know that bark scorpions are smaller and smoother than the Desert Hairy Scorpion native to our desert. 

Desert Hairy Scorpions are not climbers. So, if you see a scorpion on your ceiling or wall it is going to be a bark scorpion.  

Desert Hairy scorpions also have larher pinchers.  Scorpions use the pincers to catch prey. If their venom isn’t very strong the pinchers are utilized more so need to be larger and more powerful. The Bark Scorpion has a highly neurotoxic venom and therefor do not need the large and strong pinchers. 


Fast Facts about Las Vegas Nevada Scorpions

Desert Hairy Scorpions usually hunt a larger prey than the smaller Bark Scorpion. Know that you and your family and pets are NOT on any scorpion’s menu. Because scorpions are mostly blind, they move and hunt by feel and hearing so they will try to avoid the insects and animals that can potentially eat them.  They can sense a cricket up to 30 feet away and will likely begin moving to cover as soon as you start making a move, which is why we often find out there are scorpions in the home by accident. They have been doing a good job of staying out of site! Scorpions need to feed and drink infrequently and stay in one spot for 80% of their lifespan!

Desert Hairy Scorpion Facts

  • 5-6 inches
  • Hairy Tail 
  • Non-Lethal Sting ( except in those allergic) 
  • Prefers desert habitats and not indoor housing
  • Debris in yard is usual domestic habitat- not a climber!

Bark Scorpion Facts

  • 2-3 inches
  • Very thin pinchers
  • Lethal Sting (especially in small and elderly 
  • Prefers cool indoor habitats
  • Can climb any textured surface including ceilings